Welcome to China School Bus Data Optimization System(CSB).

Note The Specification of CSB (Specification).


China School Bus system will calculate the bus number with in any given city(one or more paragraphs) goes here.

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1. Features

Bus number within city.

Bus lane distance sum.

2. Documents

For the SDK setup please reference: sdksetup.html sdksetup.pdfsdksetup.txt.

Please reference CSB repository for the latest specification. To to list: will be translated into html and pdf.

3. Download

We recommend that you use a snapshot from CSB Subversion repository.

And check out the repository using:

4. Screen snapshot

Article sections are at level 1 and can contain sub-sections nested up to four deep.

City image
Figure 1. City block image

5. Program develop

5.1. Developing Home Page

Reference following list for CSB developing website home page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/codeant.

5.2. Mailing lists

All discussion about CSB takes place on the maillist.

5.3. To Do List

We welcome all kinds of contributions. There’s a To Do List full of interesting ideas awaiting a champion.

6. Contact Us

Beijing Soho building 1117 Room.